Minna Tuuliainen is Finnish indie artist and singer-songwriter. Her music is colorful pop/rock/folk, where the breathy arrangements of the songs carry poetic Finnish texts through pain, longing and hope. The artist released her debut EP  ”Näetkö valon ympärillä?” (in English Do you see the light around you?) in the spring of 2022. The EP’s songs ”Koralli” and ”Matkalla” have gained visibility on radio waves and have been played for example on Radio Helsinki’s programs.

Minna has a long background in professional music studies and working as a professional singer. She has performed both with the Umo Jazz Orchestra (UMO’s kyky 2012 finalist) and as a soloist with the Sointi Jazz Orchestra (Tiernapojat 2014-2017) and was in Finnish singer-songwriter Samuli Putro’s backing choir for example at Emma Gaala and at two shows of the Putro50 concert tour at Musiikkitalo (2020).  Her educational background is a musician (pop-jazz singing). Minna graduated from Metropolia University Applied of Sciences in 2019 and Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory in 2013.

”When I started my musician studies I wanted to become a jazz singer but there was a conflict inside me because I enjoy listening to progressive rock, alternative rock and alt pop the most. I didn’t feel like I was a jazz musician but I wasn’t much of a pop musician or a rock musician either.”

The musical roots of Minna’s solo project are in Viljandi, Estonia, where she found her voice as an artist. During her studies there she was inspired by her fellow students whose art was unique and broke stylistic boundaries. This experience also showed Minna that she could do the same and create a sound palette of her own.

Something also remains from Minna’s jazz background: interesting harmonies and wordless vocal parts. The artist is currently preparing a full-length album and looking forward to performing her art.

”When I started my musician studies I wanted to become a jazz singer but there was a conflict inside